Call for Financial Consultant

Financial Consultants TOR -Foundation for Community Initiatives

FCI, Oxfam IBIS and Oxfam Ghana are currently working on a European Union funded project to create an enabling environment for girls and women to know, claim and exercise their rights to end sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia and Ghana. The project has a dual focus of 1) strengthening the institutional, technical and financial capacities of CSOs (including women’s
associations and groups) through a Financial Support to Third Parties mechanisms (FSTP or referred to as sub-granting); 2) challenge and change discriminatory social norms, attitudes and practices as a way to prevent sexual gender-based violence (SGBV).

With this current portfolio, FCI is seeking a Financial Consultant who will spend 100% of their time on the EU Enough Project, of this, 50% of their time is to be spent directly managing the sub-granting scheme, monitoring sub-grantees’ implementation, and overseeing sub-grantees’ financial management (FSTP). They will ensure third parties achieve timely and quality delivery of project outputs, according to their detailed plans and budgets. This means approximately 50% of their time will be spent working directly with and for the benefit of partners to achieve quality and timely results in line with FCI and program standards and EU donor requirements.